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How to “Play” With Your Baby

In the first weeks, babies mostly eat, sleep and poop. But then, as your baby grows and becomes more interested in the world around them they can be fussy for no apparent reason. I find babies around two to three months can easily get bored. Though they are not able to move around, sit or grab toys yet, they want to be entertained or stimulated in some way.

The books tell you to “play” with your baby, but how do you play with someone who is still pretty new here? Things that seem simple and mundane to us, can be super interesting and stimulating to babies. Things like high contrast images, or lights that create patterns on the wall can entertain babies for a long time. It doesn’t have to be bright colors and flashy, it can be as simple as hanging a doily over a light, or creating a contrast with shadows.

Babies also love to be talked to. Carry your baby around the house facing out and tell them about what they are seeing, what things do, stories about their family or anything else that comes to mind. This can feel silly, but babies love it and even at this young age can get you in the habit of speaking to your child like the intelligent being that they are.

Babies also love being sung to. Even if it is just a silly song you make up on the go and you haven’t sung a song since the third grade, your baby will not judge you and will really enjoy this. Taking a baby out on a walk when they are fresh up from a nap totally counts as play! There is so much for them to see and hear and feel! Even the breeze that touches their face as you walk along is a new sensation for them, the colors and textures of everything around them, the smells…it is all new and interesting to a little baby.

Doing yoga or stretching with your baby is entertaining for them and can help you feel better in both body and mind. Granted this might not be the hour of uninterrupted blissful yoga you did prior to bringing baby home, but even ten minutes will be enjoyable for both of you.

One of the things I love most about spending time with babies is to imagine what it is like for them. To see the world with new eyes and experience these mundane things that we take for granted as adults. So enjoy showing your baby all of the beauty around us. Play with them, laugh with them, talk to them. You are creating a bond that will last for a lifetime!

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