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Sleep Consulting



Your baby is here and you are over the moon, but you haven’t slept more than a two hour stretch for months and you need things to change.


As a sleep consultant, I draw on my experience and vast knowledge base as I listen to your unique circumstances before constructing a customized sleep plan for your family. I will offer a client-led approach so that you feel confident that your method of sleep training is in alignment with your parenting style and family values.

Consulting is done virtually, so distance isn't a barrier to getting the help and support you need.

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Is this just for infants?

Absolutely Not

It's very common for parents of toddlers to still have sleep issues. Sometimes it develops later when they become a toddler or even as they approach school age. 


I love helping families with older babies and young children get better sleep! It's rewarding to see them being an active participant in their own growth.


Take a look at my various package options that might help you find peace again.

What You Can Expect

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I'm here for you!

As your sleep consultant, I'll be available to offer you unlimited support via text, email, and scheduled phone or video calls during the first two weeks you implement your plan. I'll help you and your child form new healthy habits and sleep hygiene.

It's likely you may want additional support or have questions beyond our initial session. Our relationship doesn't abruptly end, but instead you now have me on your team and I'm always available for care and support.



Depending on your location and availability, we will connect via a phone or video call. On rare occasions, this may happen in-person. The goal is to identify your specific challenges to inform the best, next step.


Based on our conversation, intake form, and your goals around sleep, I will create a custom two-week sleep plan, for nighttime as well as daytime sleep, to target your particular needs. 


With me by your side (virtually), we will work together for the next two weeks to implement your custom plan. I will answer questions that arise, provide direction, support, and encouragement.

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In addition to our two weeks together, I offer additional resources to help keep you on track. I also offer continued coaching to unify your family. 


This will be an evolving journey for which no two babies nor families are the same. You may have questions or need support, and I will be there to help.


You'll Never Get This Time Back



Bonding takes time. Of course you love your baby, but they are growing and changing. Let's crack their communication code together and get you back to restful nights and happy days.


Unified Family

I’ve seen first hand relationships saved and strengthened when parents unite as they get their child’s sleep issues under control. Let's work together so you can have a united front.



Joy Instead of Stress

Days and nights blur together, you feel like you lose track of time, you're always tired and can’t seem to complete a single task. You're not alone. Let me help turn stress into joy.

The Science

Over the past few decades, studies have shown that sleep training your child is safe and effective. Your child will not be damaged emotionally or developmentally if you choose to sleep train. Attachment is not broken if your child cries a little bit while learning to sleep independently. One study in particular did find that parents who sleep trained their children reported fewer clinical depression symptoms. A two year follow up to this study found that sleep training does not affect your child’s mental health or your parenting style.

So parents can ditch the guilt and start working towards better sleep now. The benefits greatly outweigh the potential risk. Quality sleep is a basic human need and sometimes along our parenting journey we are humbled and do things we never thought we would do. It is okay to prioritize your need for sleep. Because the science is clear that sleep deprivation affects every other aspect of your life.

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