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Amber Matusky

Sleep & Birth Consultant 

l think of myself as an advocate for parents with a primary focus on health and happiness for the entire family. Since 2006, I have been privileged to guide and enable parents through their child's birth and the exciting, but often exhausting, transition home.


Postpartum wellness and sleep health is critical for mental health, bonding, and a baby's growth.


As a mother, I find great joy in guiding families through this amazing chapter. I always feel honored to be invited to be a part of a family's story... your story!



Education has been a cornerstone of my career, but it doesn't stop with required certifications. Every year, there is huge advancements in science that provide insight into the body, brain, and neurology. Many of these advancements offer new approaches for infants, toddlers, children, and parents alike. 

I am committed to ongoing research on behalf of my clients to ensure the most advanced approaches are applied to my program. In addition to helping infants acclimate to their new environment, I find struggling toddlers greatly benefit from the techniques and practices put in place. The whole family benefits.


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My Story

The birth of my daughter opened up a whole world for me, one that would quickly become a passion  and my life’s career.

I was fortunate that my birth experience left me feeling empowered, like I could change the world. I wanted to help others share that experience as they came into parenthood. This led to me become a birth doula in 2006. I was honored to train with Penny Simkin, a founder of DONA (Doulas of North America) at Seattle Midwifery School, now known as Bastyr University for Natural Health.


I began supporting families during birth and within a year, expanded my services to postpartum doula care. I found that offering continued post-birth assistance to my clients was as valuable as providing advocacy during their pregnancy and birth. 

One of the most consistent challenges my families struggle with is sleep. We assume sleep should come as naturally as breathing, but that's not the case for infants and even ever-changing toddlers. Parents are faced with the sudden disruption of restful sleep, and the entire family unit is impacted.

I chose to focus my learning and training on preserving this special time so exhaustion and fatigue don't interrupt a family's need to bond and grow together. We go from parents feeling the most exhausted they have ever felt - to a clear path of peaceful days and restful nights.

Sleep is a top concern and priority for new and exhausted parents. My approach as a postpartum doula and pediatric sleep consultant is client-led. We lay a foundation that maps out an intentional plan to maintain quality sleep and aligns with my clients' parenting style.


A well rested home is happier, runs smoother and is at less risk for postpartum mood disorders like depression and anxiety. Due to my passion to nurture and help families through their childbearing years and beyond, I find it extremely rewarding and a gift to be able to offer this type of support to families anywhere in the world. Shoot me a text or give me a ring so we can get you some rest!


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My service is remote, so I can help you from just about anywhere!

A Quick Overview







I became a mother which opened up the door to my life’s calling.

Took the Birth Doula Training at Seattle Midwifery School, now known as Bastyr University of Natural Health and began serving families in this role.

Took the Postpartum Doula Training at Seattle Midwifery School (now Bastyr) in order to offer continuity of care to my clients and added to my offerings.

Trained to become a Placenta Encapsulation Specialist as a way to support clients in postpartum wellness naturally.

My second child was born and I was swiftly reminded exactly why I chose this work.

My interests gravitated towards sleep as it was a constant topic and concern for my clients. Wanting to be of better service to them, I studied to become a Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant.

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