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The only thing more rewarding than getting to do what I love for a living is hearing how my passion

changes lives.

Katie Randall

“We enlisted Amber’s help to find a sleep solution for our twins and ourselves…after almost 10 months of brutal sleep deprivation. I was at my wits end and my mental health was taking a huge toll.


As an uber attachment-focused parent, I knew I was in good hands with Amber. Even though I was skeptical, I trusted her. She stretched me to trust that my twin girls were ready for this step and they were!


Having this kind of healthy sleep hygiene in our family is what we ALL needed, and even though every day isn’t perfect, it has been a huge step toward healthy sleep for all of us!


After only a week, nap times and bed time were totally dialed in. I can tell our girls appreciate that as much as we do, knowing what to expect every time. It all happened with so much less crying than I ever expected.


I wish I’d have done this sooner. Thank you, Amber!”

Michelle, Luke & Baby Eric

"Amber is fabulous! She is calm and nurturing and really listened to us and created a tailored sleep plan for our baby Eric’s needs and our family's unique style.


We started working with Amber when Eric was 5 months old and we started seeing results immediately. He now falls asleep on his own and sleeps through the night and takes good naps. Eric is overall a happier baby getting great rest and so are mom and dad. As parents we both manage Eric’s sleep so having the two of us on the same page was key and Amber helped bring both of our unique parenting styles together for a cohesive sleep plan and it truly made all the difference.

We can’t say enough good things about having Amber’s guiding hand along the way. Knowing we could reach out to her via phone, text or video chat over those two weeks with any questions or concerns was extremely valuable and made us feel we really had a partner in this.


We highly recommend Amber to any family struggling with sleep for their little one and wanting guidance to ensure peaceful rest for everyone in the house. Sleep is magical!"

Leah & Billy

"We absolutely loved working with Amber and couldn't be happier with the results of our sleep training!


We were very nervous and overwhelmed (and sleep deprived). Imagining this process and knowing we had her help and guidance really allowed us to take the leap sooner. And boy was it worth it!!


We are so thrilled to see our little one comfortably going to sleep on his own and it was much less stressful and difficult than we had anticipated. Amber is kind, compassionate, experienced and really fun and easy to work with.”

IMG_5687 (1).heic

Maggie & Casey

Ask Me Anything Call... "Our 16 month old daughter was going through a nursing strike that came seemingly out of the blue and was incredibly hard on our family.


I reached out to Amber because of her birthwork/postpartum background, and because I knew she is also an incredibly kind hearted person. During our phone call she made me feel so heard and was never dismissive of our family’s hopes for extended breastfeeding. It was exactly what I needed-to have a friendly, knowledgeable and  understanding ear from a mother who had years of experience both professionally and personally.


It took a week and a half, but with Amber’s tips and encouragement our daughter came back around and is happily breastfeeding again. It’s also reassuring to know that if we go through postpartum bumps again, we can reach out to Amber for support. We are super thankful for her!”

Morgan & Woody

"Amber is the doula we dreamed of and more! She has an extra sense for staying in tune with the whole family. During birth she seemed to know exactly what I needed and also what my husband needed in order to stay connected with me and support my journey.


After birth she proved to be a baby whisperer! She helped us ease into parenthood with her tenderness, wisdom, and quiet time as we came back into ourselves. She knows exactly when to offer tips from her vast store of knowledge, and when to respect the parents' unique ways of doing things. It's a delicate dance to participate in, and she does it with admirable grace and professionalism!


We have never known such a feeling of relief as those wee hours of the morning up with a fussy baby when one of us excitedly remembers our schedule and whispers-'Amber is coming today!'


She always brings peace and love into our home and helps us slow down into these precious moments with our new family. Thank you, Amber!"


Ask Me Anything

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"Hiring Amber was the best thing I ever did and worth every penny. I hired Amber as a Postpartum Doula and she was amazing. She had so much useful information, but didn't force any particular method or view on me - rather she provided me with all the information about a topic and let me make choices and supported me.

Amber showed me a variety of techniques to help my baby sleep, learn, eat, etc. For example, she encouraged me to wear my baby, and showed me how to use a breastfeeding pillow for tummy time! She had different and unique strategies for keeping my baby entertained.

Initially I was reluctant to let someone in my home, but Amber truly understood the importance of her role in my life and the importance of taking care of me and my baby. I trust Amber completely and do not hesitate to recommend her."

Father and Daughter_edited.jpg


"As soon-to-be new parents, my wife and I were fortunate to have found Amber! She was a fantastic mentor and supportive guide throughout the entire pregnancy, birth and postpartum providing helpful tips, sage advice and comforting support every step of the way. I highly  recommend working with Amber!"

Doula Sleep Consulting Infant Testimonial


"Amber also acted as our backup birth doula, when our doula was out of town. We then hired Amber to support us during the first month postpartum, since we had no family in close proximity when our son was born.


She is extremely professional, and did everything from showing me how to use a Moby wrap, providing resources for infant feeding and sleeping, to bringing us breakfast in bed! She was also wonderful with our baby, loving and caring for him like he was her own family.


I trust her 100% with our child and even left her alone with him once for a couple hours to go get a massage. Amber also provided support to me emotionally as I came to terms with my cesarean birth, labor recovery, and coping with sleep deprivation! I found her to be very accommodating and flexible with our schedule changes."

Rebecca & Reid

"I interviewed quite a few doula candidates before choosing Amber. Upon meeting her, I knew she would be our choice. She was instantly calming and very relatable (I knew I needed someone grounded, with a good sense humor for my babies birth). from first meeting, Amber offered insight, gentle advice (much appreciated for this first time mama!) and soothing reassurance that I could do this. My husband met her during our first prenatal meeting, and liked her right away. I think one of Amber's most powerful roles in this whole process was supporting my partner. She was able to answer many of his questions, and ease many of his worries. Her innate calmness seemed to really help him relax.


Our post-partum visit with Amber was very helpful and reassuring (she showed us how to swaddle!). She has continued to check in with us over this year and seems genuinely interested in our daughter. We're thankful to have her in our lives and can't recommend Amber highly enough. I love that she was present for the most difficult, magical day of my life. If we do it again, Amber will be there."

Happy Baby
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